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This is a list of some helpful Tips and tricks for Feel free to add your own!

  1. Choose your landing location carefully! Don't always go to the most populated or newest places, because those locations would have many more players you would need to battle!
  2. Try hard to loot as fast as possible, I know people who use E to loot to try and loot as fast as possible!
  3. People can go through walls with Impulse Grenades if used correctly. Try standing 4 squares away from a wall and then toss the Impulse Grenade towards it, after that hug the wall (good for escaping an indoor enemies).
  4. Moving side to side, up and down and diagonal gives you a better chance to dodge bullets!
  5. Try key binds! I personally use space for 1st, right mouse for 2nd, c for 3rd, x for 4th and z for 5th. Try using different key binds to find what helps you most. Preferably use keys that you don't need your 2nd, 3rd or 4th fingers for.
  6. When playing duos and squad, Pump Shotguns are lifesavers that help you get on top in a fight by killing knocked out opponents.
  7. Try and practice with others! I always ask to play with other players so we could learn each others tips!
  8. Feel free to friend a skillful player and learn his or her tips! If you can't find anyone ask around on the ZR discord server!
  9. Use Snipers for extra range, then switch to your main weapon.
  10. Never jump at the very beginning and risk getting killed first, unless you are parachuting far away from the plane.
  11. Switch to your fists to run faster and easily escape the gas behind you.
  12. Go to the edge of the gas when the gas closes in to look for any players trying to escape the gas.
  13. Find and use mythic weapons, they are more power packed! (commonly found in deserted places, if you are not around ANY players, check the area very carefully)
  14. When shooting, aim where the other person is going, instead of directly at them. Bullets have velocity.
  15. If you and another person are running towards a crate, you can hit them with your fists. Surprisingly, some ignore it and die flawlessly. It is also a good use for scaring them away.
  16. If you are new to the game, try using your mouse scroll wheel or use keybinds (5).
  17. Hold a Shotgun or SMG when going into a building, you never know who's inside!
  18. If you see a mythic, pick it up if you have free space. You don't want it used against you!
  19. Make sure that you've collected plenty of ammo for the gun you're mainly using, you never know when you'll be attacked by someone. And DON'T WASTE BULLETS! Only fire when you need to.
  20. Cactus Bombs are very situational: They should be used when your opponent is in an enclosed area that you are not in. Open the door, toss it in, and close the door. The resulting ricochet effect in the building will devastate them. Be sure to close that door with you on the outside, though, or you too will meet your thorny demise.
  21. Never leave an inventory space blank. Always pick up a gun or item that you wouldn't want to be used against you to fill up that blank inventory space. You can always trade it in for a better gun or item of your liking later.
  22. Always reload when you have a 1-2 second interval when you're not fighting anybody or when there's no risk of being caught by somebody.(ex. a building) You always want to be prepared for a fight, and running out of ammo during one is a very unfortunate fate indeed.
  23. Be careful using RPGs, you can kill yourself with these powerful weapons.
  24. Use Pistols and bushes to your advantage. If you position yourself correctly, you can hold almost any type of pistol (or Grenade) while inside them and be completely concealed.(in the new map though they only conceal you sometimes)
  25. If you see someone go into a building, try to hit them with an RPG. They may focus to open crates and forget to dodge the RPG rocket.
  26. If you get Hybrid Potions, don't use them all at once. If you do, it helps less. Wait until you finish one to start on another one.
  27. Reverse Impulse Grenades can pull enemies through walls (into buildings or outside of buildings) allowing for a devastating ambush if you switch to your weapon fast enough (preferably an SMG or Shotgun).
  28. Hiding inside a building can be a good strategy later on in the game (solo) when there are fewer players as the chances of being overrun is lower. This allows for an easy kill via ambush if you jump out right before they check the door! (make sure they haven't checked windows yet or else they're just as ready for you as you are for them.)
  29. The sides of windows and doorways are safer ways to check houses as the potential opponent inside won't be able to shoot you from inside (the hinged side of the door [side farthest from door knob] is the safest side of the door to peek as a potential attacker will have the door between them and you).
  30. Get an Impulse Grenade, then go inside a building with other buildings attached to it and wait for someone to come. When they do, get next to a wall with the other building on the other side, and throw the grenade. It will then push you through the wall and into the other building!
  31. Always hold a shield or Med Kit. You never know when your going to be hit!
  32. When going to a house, always avoid direct lines from windows and doors because someone may be inside the house and camping for you. Before you have deemed the house safe, go against the walls and peek from the side of the window into the house and check for enemies.
  33. When playing in Duos or Squads and you have below 30 hp and have good teammates around you and there is a lack of medical supplies and it is safe, use an RPG and kill yourself so a teammate could heal you and you get a higher hp.
  34. Try to keep a grenade or cactus bomb with you always. You could throw it inside the house and deal massive damage to your opponents while taking minimum damage. This works best when the opponent is somehow enclosed by bullets from your teammates or the gas, so the opponent would be forced to choose which way to take damage.
  35. When you are knocked down in Duos or Squads and have almost 300 hp, you could try to shield your teammate from enemy fire as they would hit you, but your teammates' bullets would go through you, making you a very effective human shield.
  36. When playing with teammates, try to flank your opponents.(Flank means to cover fire from both side of the enemy.) This way your enemy would have to choose to shoot between you and your enemy, so at least one of you would have open fire on the enemy. In this situation, (from my experience)(and the opponent is shooting at your teammate and not you), RPG is the way to go. It deals massive damage to the opponent and as the opponent is trying to hit your teammate and dodging his or her bullets, your opponent would not have the effort to dodge the RPG.
  37. (Please help me make links on the words. I am not experienced in editing websites! :)
  38. SCARs are better than AR-15's, and M4's deal slightly more damage than SCARs.
  39. Land in places that is far away from the plane “line”. Less people go there.
  40. When you are fighting an enemy, try to move your character around in order to dodge some bullets.
  41. When and if you play mobile, remember you can just walk through crates, you don't need to open them.
  42. Pick up and drop every single weapon you can find, they contain extra ammo, even when they're dropped.
  43. You can switch your control keys( it doesn’t work in mobile)
  44. If you have 1 Big potion & 2 Small potions, use the Small ones first, or else you will be stuck at 50 shield using the 1 Big potion.
  45. AKs (AR Burst) deal a lot of damage, but they shoot in bursts of three instead of a steady fire. Try to avoid using them in tighter areas such as buildings. They work great in more open places.
  46. When you land, try to land in portals. This gets you away from other players and to loot! However if you want to get a high-kill game, land in more populated places!
  47. If you are the last player from your team (duos and squads) and don't have good weapons, try to play defensively and stay away from other players and preferably on the edge of the gas.
  48. If your team is trash, leave the match, join a new, and repeat until you find someone who actually knows how to use a mouse. I usually look for players that are in clans.
  49. If playing on mobile, organize your weapons from right to left with your primary weapons being closest to your shooting (right) thumb. You never want to stand still in the heat of a battle.
  50. Always keep an eye on your mini map for the moving storm and safe zone. If your dot is being pointed into a certain detection, that means you aren't in the safe zone of the approaching storm. Check the storm timer, if the timer is a solid white, the display is how long you have until the storm starts moving, if the timer is blinking red and blue, the storm is moving and the display is how much time you have until the gas consumes everything up till the safe zone.
  51. If you see fidgeting or shacking players (usually around doors on in the open) on your screen, they are usually bots and are easy kills.
  52. The Pink Afro cosmetic, equip with no melee or backpack can easily blend in with the cherry blossom's of Blossom Burbs.
  53. The computer head cosmetic, equip with no melee or backpack can provide some sort of camouflage when you replace yourself as one of the computers in Tinker Town.
  54. Hybrid Potions give you 25 health and 25 shield over 10 seconds. THEY DO NOT INCREASE IF USED ONE AFTER THE OTHER!!! Use the full potential of Hybrid Potions by taking one at a time and not using them all at once.
  55. Bullets can't break airdrop crates so they can be used as cover as you're opening them but give your opponent time to plan.
  56. If you find or have a great weapon you don't need, try to drop it in or in the path of the storm so other players can't use it against you.
  57. In duos or squads, be nice and help your team out by making sure everyone has adequate weapons and health, the more teammates, the higher chance of your success.
  58. If you are knocked, act as a meat shield and get in the middle of the opponents fire and save your teammate some shots and give them a better chance of defeating the opponent.
  59. Put a bullet in anything that moves, even bushes.
  60. If you want a powerful weapon, go for the airdrops. Be careful though, many other players go for them too
  61. Let's say you drop at the very beginning aka hot drop (not recommended) and people have been chasing you around. You are out of ammo. You can swap a weapon/consumable/grenade for a weapon and switch back. This gives you (from my experience) up to 200 ammo with a minigun. I suggest switching with utilities though, as they don't need to be reloaded. (Your welcome, whoever said to put these in)
  62. Flamethrowers are not that good. Don't use them. But Goo Guns can be great and very annoying to opponents if used correctly. I also recommended taking Frag Grenades because they do 90 damage and are also pretty easy to aim and hit someone with one of them. Leave 1 or 2 spaces in your inventory open for meds, and have like an AR, a Sniper, and maybe a Shotgun.
  63. Miniguns may have a higher DPS than most Assault Rifles and SMGs, but it has a very wide spread, you slow down significantly when using it, and there is a split second delay when firing it. If you are a skilled player, it is often better to use an AR or SMG instead.
  64. Organize your inventory! Many players see this tactic as a hindrance, but once you develop muscle memory, you can quickly press "2" for your close-range weapon, "3" for your medium-range weapon, and "4" for your long-range weapon. (only works in PC)
  65. When you are in a building and there's a enemy outside that knows you're in there, you can lure them inside by consuming meds or potions. When the enemy sees that you're healing, he/she will think you're vulnerable and come inside to finish you off. You can then switch to a close-range weapon and catch him/her by surprise.
  66. Use the limited time Mystery Mode to practice your sniping / dodging skills.
  67. When you're in the early game, discard common loot. You will almost definitely find better loot a short while later.
  68. Gassy Grenades can be used to protect your teammates in duos or squads. Throw them at an airdrop while your teammate opens the airdrop chest. This forces opponents away, but allows your teammate(s) to go unharmed.
  69. Impulse/ reverse impulse grenades allow you to escape a house partially covered by the storm without taking damage.
  70. Grenades can be used to force your opponents out of houses or into open spaces.
  71. Mystic Forest has the most gold chests that appear every round. (There are always at least 6, but there can be as many as 14)
  72. While Bo Beach looks appealing, it does not have good loot.
  73. Never try to push someone with a bad weapon (for example a P2000 or a Glock).
  74. Find good weapons in gold crates, and you can't find miniguns in wooden crates.
  75. Pump shotguns are the best type of shotgun in my opinion. If you hit an opposing enemy spot-on, you can do more than 100 damage in a single hit!
  76. If you're playing duos or squads, make sure to look for your teammate(s) markers so you can drop with them! Dropping in a different place other than your teammates isn't very logical.
  77. Reverse Impulse Grenades are good throwables to suck your enemy inside your house or area. Once you suck them in with this grenade, you can use a Shotgun (Pump Shotgun is recommended) or an SMG with a fast firing rate like a P90 to shoot them.
  78. DON'T use assault SCARS at close range you will likely blow yourself up.
  79. the airdrop weapon "vector" sucks dont take it. if you want a high damage close range weapon use silenced smg